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Happy January!
Services will be held at 534 George Street N -10:30 a.m.

Come share with us.

Please learn about the many activities taking place at Emmanuel.

You can read our weekly announcements page bulletin and the calendar, both here on the website;
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For more information contact Arlene Gray

Worship with us Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

GSUC Welcome

Literal? Progressive? Traditionalist? Skeptic? Humanist?
You are welcome at Emmanuel United Church.

We are an affirming ministry!

In a time when Christians are deeply divided, we are trying to have new conversations about Jesus Christ. Who was he? What did he really teach us? Why does he still matter today? He was a religious revolutionary who brought transformation – both personal and political – not doctrine. The original name of the Jesus movement was The Way.  At Emmanuel, we are trying to discern the way, and follow it.

That means all are welcome to our grand old buildings with our brand new thinking. We are a diverse group. The liturgy, while familiar, includes the congregation as leaders. We do more than speak out against injustice; we act out. There is a lot of questioning going on; it is not always comfortable, but it is deeply caring. Through our leadership, our guests, our congregational ministry, we are trying on new ways of seeing; a new perspective that we think can overcome the differences between the literalists and the progressives. You are welcome.

2 Thoughts on “Home”

  • Hello,

    Blessings in the name of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.

    My Name is Rev. ‘Andrew’ Adli J. And I am an ordained minister with York Saint Peter’s (a Christian non-denominational organization – https://yorkstpeters.ca/ ). I live and work in Peterborough.

    I am writing to you asking to use/rent your events room/hall for the community outreach programme “We Care” that I run here in Peterborough.

    We provide meals (cooked outside and brought to the event) and also care packages for the homeless and those who need help, followed by a period of fellowship and social time.

    We are looking to use your facility on Saturdays’ evenings from 4:30 till 8:30 as follows:
    We will use the first half an hour 4:30 till 5:00 to set up
    The crowed are welcomed from 5:00 till 8:00
    We use the last half an hour 8:00 till 8:30 for cleaning and organizing the space

    We are a non-for-profit and rely on our limited resources and donations from the community.

    I would like to thank you in advance, hoping to hear back from you.

    In Christ,

    Rev. ‘Andrew’
    Business and Accounting Instructor
    Cell phone (705) 991-2354

    • Hello Rev. Andrew. Unfortunately we are unable to rent the space to you as we need it for our own ministry work.. Thank You for inquiring. Arlene -Sec. Emmanuel United Church

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