We are approaching the fourth Sunday of Easter. It is the foundational event of our faith. It is a season we look forward, as, we hope, Spring embraces creation again, and the warmth and sunshine invite us out of the coldness of winter.

But are we really ready for Easter? Resurrection changes everything. Absolutely nothing can stay the same. So why do we cling to worn out spirituality and theology, dated ways of interacting with one another, doing the same old, same old, which really never worked that well anyway.

One of the means by which we keep ourselves in the tomb is to pine for the glory days of the Church: Sunday Schools bursting with children; big choirs, and several of them; and, of course, no financial challenges!

I no more yearn for the Church of the past any more than I want to return to the tomb. With resurrection comes responsibility: responsibility for the Gospel, responsibility in our relationships, responsibility to creation. We do not have a choice in this: because we are an Easter people, brought out of the tomb, away from death, to nurture and share life.

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