Soon our liturgical focus will be Creation Time in the Season of Pentecost.  This is a particular time in the Church Calendar that provides us with the opportunity to focus on the world around us.

I  have read many time that “there is no planet B”.  We treat creation as if there was and I believe that this is not helpful.  We do not live on the earth, we live in and with the earth:  we are, or should be, in relationship with creation.  We forget this, and it is at our peril:  global warming, increased flooding, drought as never experienced before, melting polar ice, bursting pipelines, and on it goes.  When will we understand that we are stewards of creation and a part of it.

If we think back to the main creation myth in the book of Genesis, after the holy has created each thing is the phrase “and he saw that it was good”.  We need to see with the eyes of the Divine.  Our perspective has been distorted by economic greed and spiritual myopia.  It is time for us, as people of faith, to speak the truth to power:  what kind of world do we wish to leave for our families?  For God?

I am not a scientist, but from a spiritual perspective there are other means of generating power that do not rely on extraction.  Solar power and wind power do not exploit creation, but rather work with it neither destroying or defacing that which has been given to us.  We must remember that “there is no planet B” and we are called to care for the earth below our feet and the sky over our heads, and everything in between.



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