Most days I walk to the Church, and I have been here long enough to know what store will be next, and what the next cross street will be. And there are individuals who, for most folks in Peterborough, have blended into the streetscape. They ask for spare change. In a very sad way we have treated them like spare people, people who don’t matter, people who are as familiar as the garbage can or the mail box.

We often talk about poverty and how it affects the community. And when we think of poverty, we always associate it with money. But there is another kind of poverty: spiritual poverty, a poverty that has crept upon us, and suddenly one day those on the margins become part of the topograhy. Spiritual poverty has created a social deficit, a deficit that has a negative balance in valuing relationships, valuing community, valuing creation.

As people of faith we are called to feed those who have spritual poverty, to feed their souls in such a way where all people will be people of value, andnot spares. And that is what Jesus did.

One Thought on “Changing the Spiritual Topography”

  • Your website gave me a lift this morning. Heartening to see something that values other people and addressing uncomfortable truths.

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