On January 17 a congregational meeting of George Street United George approved a motion to become an Affirming Congregation in the United Church of Canada. That means that the congregation celebrates the unique gifts of the lgbtq community. We do this because it is vital that we name marginalized groups specifically and especially. Too long has the “Everyone Welcome” sign been interpreted as everyone welcome as long as you are one of us. Additionally, we become affirming to celebrate the great diversity that is within creation, and the myriad ways of expressing our sexuality and our spiritualy.

Yet there is much more work to do: it is our responsibility and duty as faithful followers of Jesus to drawing the circle ever wider. We must study and discern the too many other levels of oppression and intolerance in our society: misogyny, racism, classism, sadly the list is way to long. It may appear overwhelming, but this congregation has taken an important and significant first step. In faith and in community we will continue to proclaim the Good News!

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